Viral PDF Personal Edition

Viral PDF Personal Edition 3.0

Versatile utility to rebrand the links and hyperlinks present in your PDFs
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The Personal Edition of Viral PDF produces neat one-file rebranding packages for you to distribute among your affiliates and/or clients. You just need to decide which e-mail addresses, links, and hyperlinks in your PDF will be left open for rebranding, and the program will create a compact distribution package containing your PDF e-book and a small, footprint-free professional rebrander.

The entire process will take you just a few seconds – select the PDF file to rebrand, tick the e-mail addresses, hyperlinks and other clickable elements you want to make rebrandable, and ask the program to produce a nice distribution package for you. The PDF inside the package can be conveniently encrypted in order to protect its content – this will not harm your affiliates’ capabilities to rebrand the selected links using the rebrander provided, but will prevent all other elements in the document from being modified. Besides, you can always preview your PDF document (and check how the rebranded links will work) before releasing the rebrandable version to your clients.

Except for the possibility of rebranding non-clickable elements in the PDF file (i.e., text ), this Personal edition offers you the same functionality present in the Silver Edition, Viral PDF’s top version.

Francisco Martínez
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  • High level of flexibility
  • Allows you to decide which links and hyperlinks are rebrandable
  • Produces a compact rebrander file for easier distribution


  • None
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